Workplace ConsultancyApollo
Do you know how efficiently your current working environment is performing and does it meet your current business needs and your plans for the future? 

The only way to ensure you have accurate information to inform your decision making is by conducting a Occupancy Evaluation Study.  We watch and record how the workplace is used and provide a detailed analysis of actual usage and location.  We can work with you to establish Space Standards and explore Storage Rationalisation, we will discus the SmartSpace concept of agile spaces and flexible working and the benefits it will bring, reducing real estate costs whilst promoting a dynamic task based environment. 

Workplace strategies evolve lead by changes in technology, in turn these changes promote the development of new furniture solutions.  We attend international conferences and exhibitions, visit manufacturers showrooms and factories to immerse ourselves in the latest developments, passing on this knowledge to our clients.  We are able to call on experts in Technology Futures and their application and have an in depth knowledge of Furniture Solutions.  Where no standard furniture product exist that meet your requirement we have the expertise to design special solutions.

Our work is not done once you occupy your new space, this is a continual process of Post Occupancy Surveys to ensure the space is performing and meeting new business challenges whilst taking advantage of changes in technology and new workplace thinking.  The established standards can then be used to carry out Strategic Planning and Projected Space Requirement across your property portfolio.

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