Transition Management
Moves bring about considerable disruption, along with financial and time restraints, to the in-house facilities team.  We are able to provide expert resource on a project by project basis to work along side the facilities team.  Moves bring about staff anxiety regarding new work styles and management stress and concerns about how their team will work effectively in the new environment.  This is coupled with how the move may effect the operation of the business and the knock on impact to client service levels.  These challenges can be managed with a detailed communication plan that promotes honest and open two way communication and a detailed implementation plan that maximises the benefits of the change and minimises downtime and disruption to the business.

Our relocation strategy  includes engagement planning, implementation workshops and an active staff public relations campaign.  We hold regular meetings that co-ordinate IT and Telecoms, asses the effects the changes will have on human resource and facilities policies and project manage all implementation activity including logistics and delivery.  Whilst we plan to succeed we also carry out a risk analysis exercise and have contingency planning in place.

Our service does not end at the completion of a move and we work with your facilities team to develop a maintenance programme that prevents the users from returning to the old ways of working.  We carry out post transition client reviews so that lessons learned can be included in the next move.