Space Planning Bureau
Space planning is a complex discipline where the placement of people, departments and adjacencies are all considered. In addition there are legal requirements, IT , comms and building services to consider. This is then creatively planned using your established space standards including staff amenity, break out and meeting spaces. Our goal is to create a space that fulfils your current business needs and will allow growth in the future.

We have created our own space standards developed with clients across many business sectors. We can compare our standards to your own, sharing our experiences and knowledge with you. Standards are the starting point and need to be informed by your business style. Do you want to encourage creativity and interaction, do you require enclosed private spaces for confidential conversations, for example?

Every space plan must conform to legal requirements. Workplace, building – fire, safety, access and use regulations along with the equality act are all considered at the space planning stage of a project. The modern office environment relies on IT and telecoms to communicate with the world. Does your space have a raised access floor or must we plan around the building perimeter to bring cables to the workstation. Our space planners have faced these challenges in the past.

Planning for growth will ensure the investment you make in your workplace today will continue to work for you in the future. Creating spaces that function as break out areas or workstation zones will help accommodate your fluctuating business accommodation needs.