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The office of the 90’s was characterised by bland uniformity with colour and decoration safe rather than inspirational, it was thought that a serene atmosphere would encourage concentration and increase efficiency.  The reality was the opposite, with a workforce devoid of visual stimulation efficiency fell and the working environment became counterproductive.

By contrast the new decade has seen a growth in alternative ways of working where people move around a space dependent on the task, colour and movement has been introduced into the workplace with plasma screens streaming information.  Graphic imagery as decoration and to reinforce corporate and brand messages is becoming increasingly popular within the officescape.   Our graphic designers will work with your brand managers and creative agencies to develop creative wall imagery. 

The navigation around the building for established staff, new staff and visitors is important, especially after the delivery of a new environment.  There is also signage required by law that must be in place.  We are able to work with you to develop a co-ordinated signage solution from the hardware of the actual sign and it’s functionality through to the graphic format and placement within the building.